Middle Years

Koonung Secondary College is committed to:

  • Encouraging and assisting all students to reach their academic potential
  • The ongoing development of effective teaching and learning strategies in the curriculum
  • The integration of new technologies across the curriculum to enhance student learning outcomes
  • The provision of effective assessment and reporting procedures for monitoring student progress.

Middle Years Course Handbook


In the Middle Years, a core curriculum operates from Years 7 to 9 covering the discipline based Learning Domains as well as Health and PE. Koonung students can choose from two languages: French and Japanese. 


Year 7 is a time of transition and in order to ensure it is both smooth and exciting, Koonung Secondary College runs an extensive transition program. Primary schools are consulted about the new students, parents are able to give their input, and the new students visit Koonung to complete fun and informative activities. On Orientation Day, students complete a specially designed program with the assistance of their mentors, who are only too ready and willing to help them find their feet. It isn't long before students feel comfortably connected to their new school.


Year 8 students are part of an exciting Project Based Learning Program, where the emphasis is on encouraging students to become independent learners in an inquiry based environment.


Year 9 is supplemented by Art & Technology elective choices at Year 9 as well as the innovative Live Life program.


The school provides a range of opportunities for motivated and talented students in the Select Entry Enhancement @ Koonung (SEE@K) Program.


Extra-curricular activities, such as outdoor education, school musical productions, debating and a range of academic competitions complement the more formal academic program.


All staff participate regularly in professional development activities which are designed to keep them up to date with the most recent findings in the areas of teaching and learning. School curriculum is designed to ensure that multiple intelligences are recognised and that preferred thinking and learning styles are catered for.  

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